Civil Engineering Jobs

Before knowing about civil engineering jobs, you must know what civil engineering is!

Civil engineering can be defined as a part of professional physical science dedicated to design and construction as well as for the maintenance of physical and natural environment. which may include structures like roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewer systems, pipelines, structural components of buildings and railroads.

Civil engineering is traditionally divided into a series of sub-disciplines. it is generally considered as the second oldest engineering discipline/physical science after military engineering.  civil engineering is mostly used to differentiate non-military engineering from military engineering. Engineering is administered within the public sector from municipal governments to national governments and within the private sector from individual owners to international companies.

You must be wondering what civil engineers do?

So, in that case let me tell you

CIVIL ENGINEERS does various design, supervise and construction works of bridge, road, tunnel, railways, hydropower stations, dams, airport, buildings etc. as well as manipulate, improve and protect the environment. And if you are not aware about estimation and costing/valuation, let me tell you it is the best work to do but this is often considered as small work by many civil engineers but it is one of the most important work in the field of any engineering.

There are very few civil engineers in every community who can do the estimation and costing work. Fun point from personal experience, minimum earning per year from estimation and costing only will be 9k USD and that’s not bad for minimum amount.

Now talking about CIVIL ENGINEERING jobs we have varieties of field where civil engineers can work easily, some of them are listed below.

  • Road Department as transportation/highway engineer
  • Hydropower
  • Geomatics/Land survey
  • Structural Engineering
  • Site Engineer
  • Building Designer, planner
  • Engineering Consultant
  • Professional Cost Estimator and valuation specialist
  • Construction Engineer
  • Quality Controller and Supervisor etc.

But! What if I say you are still likely to earn below $200k annually?

Yes, you herd it right, despite working on wonder daily utility field, civil Engineers Are Underpaid workers, the lowest income you earn annually will be somewhere around $12k and highest might be around $200k annually based on your locality, nationality, experience and the position you are at.

But hey! what do you expect from a job? A million dollar salary? People would just laugh at your question, if you expect such.

You don’t believe me? Okay then Let’s say average annual salary is somewhere around $55k but a garage GYM can give you up to $80k annually even s/he opens it for 5 days a week and spend other 2 days making further research about gym, its equipment and techniques to use.

So now do you feel civil engineers are underpaid workers?

But did you notice there is a loop I set up there? Engineering job and garage gym. One is job you work under someone else and the other one is a business you are your boss.

Now let me dominate you further with engineering salary.

If you live on Asian country, your average annual salary would be somewhere around $20k. Oops! That hurts right? Besides job we will talk about what business models can a civil engineers run on a full time basis as well as side business.


I hope engineer’s & readers will be motivated after reading Engineer Code of Ethics & value engineers more. Read more about Civil Engineering Jobs for clear idea & implementation for structural building analysis and design. If you want to seek for good consulting advice you can DM Rhino Design & Builds for more information’s, they’re happy to help.

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